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Social Event 2012

Date: 25.10.2012


  • 18:30 Guided tour of the Malbrouck Castle (bus transfer from conference location)
  • 20:30 Gala Dinner in the Castle
  • 23:00 Expected end of event and return to Mondorf

Location of social event:

The castle Malbrouck in Mandern, France was build in the years 1419 - 1434 by Arnold VI, Master of Sierck.

The castle is named after the English general John Churchill, first duke of Marlborough, who was known as Malbrouck in France. During the Spanish succession wars in 1705, Malbrouck entered the region of France with 100 000 soldiers and chose the castle as headquarter. The French tried to stop him with an army of 50 000 on the other side. Malbrouck waited for additional support from the prince of Baden. As he ran out of adequate supply, most of his soldiers deserted and he had to liberate the castle in a cloak-and-dagger operation. His rival, the French marshal Claude Louis, was very surprised to find the castle abandoned.

In 1930 the castle was taken under protection of historical monuments, in 1975 it was bought by the Conseil Général de Moselle and refurbished in 1998.

 © Chateau de Malbrouck  © Chateau de Malbrouck  © Chateau de Malbrouck

After the bus transfer from the conference location in Mondorf, the group will take a guided tour of the castle. The ensuing dinner will be served in the castle. Look at the pictures for an first impression. More information on the caste is available on the castle homepage in French, German or in English via Google Translate.

Gala dinner menu

French English
Apéritif Aperitif
Dos de saumon sauvage aux 7 épices, neige d’écrevisses, coulis de châtaignes Back of wild salmon with 7 spices, crayfish mousse, chestnut sauce
Montgolfière d’une poulette de Bresse au pleurotes Minestrone de légumes Bresse chicken balloon with oyster mushrooms and vegetables
Dans un écrin sucrier en inox, une mousse légère au chocolat fourré d’une crèmefondante aux noisettes A light chocolate mousse filled with hazelnut fondant, served in an inox sugar bowl

An vegetarian option (Nage de poissons océane, croute feuilletée) exists and should be reserved during registration.

We should be back in Mondorf about 23.00 o'clock.

Price: 85 Euro (including social activity and gala dinner)

 © Gérard Borre

 © Chateau de Malbrouck

 © Chateau de Malbrouck

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