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Alexandre Granier: WIDE the Web Image and Data Environment


WIDE is an open source project that aims at providing an image database solution for the use at microscopy and imaging facilities. It provides basic storage functions for images, web access and is intended to be a platform for image analysis tasks in the future.

It allows to upload images from the acquisition machines of the facility in offline mode, i.e. without the need for a user to be logged-in and without disturbing the acquisition. Users can access and manage images in WIDE via a web-interface. Images are presented as files or thumbnails in a filebrowser view. A user can share his images with other users of WIDE or create a public link to an image. Further planned features are a history function, a tagging system, the import and export of metadata and the use of ImageJ\cite{Abramoff04} macros through a plugin system. It is also planned to implement a WIDE client as an ImageJ plugin.


image database, image analysis, web application, data management

Short CV

A. Granier holds a Master degree in computer science. He has 11 years of experience in developping Web application. After a short stay at the INRA, he joined the Montpellier RIO Imaging team in 2010 to develop the WIDE project. His expertise includes the software development process, the Java programming language, the Web environment, distributed applications and database modeling.

Administrative data

Presenting author: Alexandre Granier
Organisation: CNRS

co-authors: Volker Baecker

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