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Social Event ImageJ User and Developer Conference 2010

Date: 28.10.2010

Duration: 18:30 (Social activities) - 20:30 (Gala Dinner) - 23:00 Expected End of event

Location: Organgerie of Mondorf, located in the park

Price: 70 Euro (including social activity and gala dinner)

Social activities will be a GPS-guided multi country torch hike (duration about 1 hours; depends on weather, participation optional). The evening will be concluded with a 5 course gala dinner in the Orangerie of Mondorf.

GPS-guided torch hike

The participants will form small groups. Every group has to unravel some mystery to the be able to participate in the final gala dinner. This will be organized in the style of a geocaching activity, but will include some pleasant surprise.

The Orangerie

Travel back a century in time, transported by the charm of this superb building set amidst the grounds of the Domaine Thermal. Bordered by a newly planted formal French garden, it is the perfect setting for more elegant events.


 Orangerie - Internal configuration

The Menu

The following menu will be served:

French English
Apéritif Aperitif

       Ballotine de canard au foie gras       
Tranche de pain d’épices toasté
Petit mesclun de saison

       Balotine of duck with foie gras       
Slice of toasted gingerbread
Variety of seasonal greens

Carré de veau aux pleurotes
Soufflé de pommes de terre
Cocotte de légumes de saison

Rack of veal with mushrooms
Potato Soufflé
Casserole of seasonal vegetables

Entremet «Chocolat-Poire»
Tuille amandine

Dessert “Chocolate-Pear”
Almond Wafers

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