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Applying best practices to the development of image analysis tools using Eclipse and ImageJ


In this workshop the participants will apply professional software development tools and practices to the development of image analysis tools based on ImageJ.

In the first part the whole development process is demonstrated using prepared examples : A 3D magic wand tool and a magnifying glass tool. In this part the participants will begin to use development tools like the integrated development environment Eclipse, the source code management tool Subversion, the unit testing framework JUnit and the software build tool Ant, with the help of prepared code snippets.

In the second part each participant works on his own image analysis tool. These tools can either be existing projects or projects started during the workshop. The participants can apply pair programming. Questions and problems can than be discussed with the whole group.

Further topics of the workshop are:

The software development process, analysis, design, implementation, unit and acceptance tests. Importing the ImageJ source code into Eclipse and and setting up a project. Navigation with Eclipse, debugging, refactoring, profiling, source code management and deployment. The MVC pattern, the user interface, ImageJ dialogs and the Visual Editor. Event handling, exception handling, creating a custom image canvas and the integration of tools into ImageJ.

ImageJ, software development, Eclipse, image analysis tools


Volker Bäcker

Montpellier RIO Imaging 


Short Biography
Volker Bäcker studied computer science and physics at the University of Dortmund. He worked as a software developer and consultant for the company Georg Heeg eK, specialized in object oriented analysis and design and implementations in Smalltalk. Since 2004 he works for the imaging facility Montpellier RIO Imaging. Part of his work at MRI is the development of image analysis tools based on ImageJ.

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