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Finding information about ImageJ: The ImageJ Documentation Wiki

Besides the main ImageJ Homepage at NIH, the ImageJ Documentation Wiki is a source of knowledge for the ImageJ Users and Developers since the last two years. What functions does the portal provide to the visitor? Which information are available? How many users use the side to search information?
To promote this side further, the usage is explained: How can I look up information on that portal? How is the structure? Where to look for information? How to communicate with the users? When is a user-account needed?
Furthermore an introduction on content creation is done: How to become a member? How to create content and how to publish these content?

A presentation of new features developed during the last year will leave room for discussions.

ImageJ, Documentation, Content Management, Community

Andreas Jahnen

Public Research Centre Henri Tudor - CR SANTEC


Short Biography
Andreas Jahnen has studied Computer Science at the University of Applied Sciences in Trier, Germany. He started in 1999 as a research engineer at the Centre de Recherche Henri Tudor - SANTEC. In 2005 he successfully completed his Master of Science - Frontiers in medical science - degree from the Open University / UK. His main research interests are medical image processing, especially the evaluation of image quality. He is also interested in topics related to free and open source software.

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