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Fiji is just ImageJ - batteries included

The Fiji project takes the idea of Linux distributions built around the Linux kernel to ImageJ: think of ImageJ as a kernel, and Fiji of a distribution, bundling a JDK, Java3D and a set of plugins in a coherent menu structure.
For example, Fiji includes Albert Cardona's TrakEM2 and Benjamin Schmid's 3D viewer, all set up and ready to visualize and process massive 3D images.
It also includes feature extraction, rigid and non-linear registration, and a variety of scripting languages for Matlab-like interaction with plugins and Java libraries.
There are two target audiences for Fiji: users - who will be provided with platform-dependent packages that bring everything they need to get started (possibly including a Java Runtime Environment) and a tailored manual - and developers - who are provided with a package that contains everything to develop for ImageJ, all source code managed with GIT, a distributed version control system.

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Johannes Schindelin

Universität Würzburg


Short Biography
After studying mathematics with a bias toward number theory, Johannes Schindelin finished a PhD in neuro-genetics with a focus on image processing. His focus lies with efficient algorithms and understanding brain structure and functions.

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