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Licensing within the imageJ environment

This presentation will focus on introducing the audience to the issues of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) licensing. After a brief introduction to the nature of a license, the impact of national laws, and the underlying rights and obligations both from a licensor but also licensee point of view, the case of ImageJ will be apprehended.
Destinated to an audience of developers, the main purpose of this presentation is less to give a legal course than to try and diffuse good practices for original and derivative work management from a licensing standpoint. As much as possible, practical examples will be used, incoming from ImageJ or the most important associated plug-ins.

ImageJ, licenses, intellectual property usage

Farcot Matthieu

CRP Henri Tudor


Short Biography
Matthieu Farcot works in the ICT valorization Unit of the CITI, CRP Henri Tudor. His background is both in economics and law : he holds a PhD in economics from the Beta, ULP, Strasbourg, defended on the issue of intellectual property dynamics in the software industry. He also holds a LLM degree in IP law, obtained from the CEIPI, URS, Strasbourg.
His work and interrest is mostly focused on IPR managemement and valorization of Open Source projects.

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