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Instrument Control and Image Acquisition Tools for Live-Cell Imaging

This poster will provide an overview of an open source, extensible architecture for Instrument Control and Image Acquisition. Developed at the Cellular Dynamics Program, Marine Biological Laboratory, the software is used for live-cell imaging with polarization and flourescence microscopes. The design leverages ImageJ and other open source libraries to provide a set of components, including

illumination and shutter controls, control of active optical components (variable retarders), XY and Z stage motion control, image acquisition and streaming from USB and Firewire cameras, metadata capture, image processing and data management. Hardware interfacing utilizes serial port and native device drivers (using the Java Native Interface). The software operates as an application or as an ImageJ Plugin, providing an application framework that uncludes dialogs, binding values to UI components, configuration, error handling, and diagnostics. The poster will include a discussion of the design and development tools utilized, as well as issues related to integrating and utilizing the ImageJ API, plugins and macros.

Acquistion, instrument, control, integration

Grant B. Harris

Marine Biological Laboratory


Short Biography  
Grant Harris is an Instrumentation Engineer (Research Assistant III), in the Cellular Dynamics Program at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. He designs and developmentis software for instrument control, image acquistion, and image processing for live-cell imaging, primarily with polarized light microscope systems. He also provides support for computer and network systems, multimedia presentations and video library archiving. Grant also designs and fabricates components for prototyping optical-mechanical systems.

Prior to arriving at the MBL six years ago, Grant ran a consulting business for 20 years, focusing on software development for messaging, groupware, and workflow systems in the context business process design and organizational development. Grant interests include semiotics, visualization, information theory, and thermodynamics, and sailing. He received a SB in Mechanical Engineering from MIT in 1981 and completed the Analytical & Quantitative Light Microscopy course at MBL in 2006.

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