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Using GlassWindow in ObjectJ to analyze live images displayed by a foreign application


In cases where an image acquisition system does not provide camera driver interfaces, the screen itself can be used for information exchange of RGB images. This technique is used in “GlassWindow” that is implemented in the ObjectJ plugin. A special transparent window can be created and positioned on-top of any live image on the screen. GlassWindow handles mouse/keyboard events and can superimpose non-destructive markers upon a live image that is supplied by a foreign application. The user can grab snapshots at any time, which will be appended to an ImageJ-owned image stack. The stored stack slices appear with the same non-destructive markers or annotations that were put onto the live image. GlassWindow was tested in combination with a preparation microscope, where the user had interactively to examine and mark otolith year rings at different focus heights, taking snapshots whenever appropriate. The system can also be used for automatic conditional recording of webcams or observation cameras, depending on criteria such as movement.


GlassWindow, ObjectJ,

Short CV

Norbert Vischer is research engineer at the Centre for Advanced Microscopy, Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences (SILS), University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Anders Thorsen, biologist, is a research scientist in the group for Reproduction and Growth at the Institute of Marine Research (IMR), Bergen, Norway

Administrative data

Presenting author: Norbert Vischer
Organisation: University of Amsterdam

co-authors: Anders Thorsen

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