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qMapIt, an ImageJ-plugin, for quantitative multi-parametric analysis of DICOM images


We present a framework embedded in the image processing software ImageJ that offers an operation system independent platform for multi-parametric analysis of MRI data. It has the main advantage that tasks can be modularized and the stored results can be piped to further tools to analyse more complex processes. All incorporated plugins for relaxation time analysis, diffusion analysis and pharmacokinetic modelling run as standalone plugins as well. A framework was implemented to reduce redundancies when programming. It consists out of two parts: the support of the fitting procedure and the presentation of parameter maps including a interactive plotting window. The implemented numerical framework for fitting and visualisation is reducing redundancies. The benefits are: The recognition value is increased. The developer can focus on the main task to worry about how to deal with the data and not with to user interface.


DICOM, quantitative, parametric, interface, MRI

Administrative data

Presenting author: Michael Gerhard Kaul
Organisation: University Medical Center Hamburg Eppendorf, Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology Department and Clinic

co-authors: Gerhard Adam

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