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ImageJ2: Current Status and Future Directions


For the past three years, the ImageJDev project ( has been developing a new version of ImageJ for the next generation of scientific image data. We will present ImageJ2's progress so far, including current capabilities, as well as differences and improvements from ImageJ 1.x. We will discuss major features, including: N-dimensional data model based on ImgLib2; N-dimensional visualization and analysis; reusable core components; powerful plugin framework; flexible user interface design; the Launcher and Updater features incorporated from Fiji; headless operation; and interoperability with several other software projects including CellProfiler, KNIME and OMERO. We will describe ImageJ2's design philosophy of creating reusable building blocks, how plugins can now take many forms, including image processing, new tools, and even completely new display viewers. Lastly, we will discuss remaining challenges, timelines and goals for the project.


imagej2, imglib, interoperability

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Presenting author: Curtis Rueden
Organisation: Laboratory for Optical and Computational Instrumentation, University of Wisconsin-Madison


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