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Yoshiyuki Arai: Fast single molecule particle tracking and analysis plugin with Java Native Interface


Single molecule imaging is now widely performed with advanced microscopy. If one have good microscopy such

as total internal refection microscopy (TIRFM) with ultra-sensitive detectors, and if ones prepare the sample

properly, he/she can acquire single molecule imaging data easily. However, the analysis of single molecule imaging data have great difficulties for pure biologist because automatic particle detection and tracking is essentially

required. Here, I introduce particle tracking and analysis ImageJ plugin, named PTA. This plugin can perform

automatic particle detection and tracking with nanometer accuracy by 2-dimensional Gaussian fi tting implemented with Java Native Interface (JNI), which enables us stress-free, fast particle detection. The tracked particles data can be shown as x-y trace and trajectories, fluorescence time trajectories, mean square displacement (MSD) and velocity with JFreeChart based graphics.


Particle tracking, 2-dimensional Gaussian fi tting, Java Native Interface

Short CV

I am an assistant professor in Osaka University, Japan. My research interest is to develop novel techniques like optical microscopy system and image processing tools in order to elucidate the biological system such as cellular dynamics.

Administrative data

Presenting author: Yoshiyuki Arai
Organisation: The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University


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