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Sergey Gutor: Morphometric test-system for patients with ischemic cardiomyopathy


Diseases of the cardiovascular system occupy leading positions in death rates throughout the world for the last couple of years. In 40% of the cases of patients with ischemic heart disease (IHD) the cause of death is ischemic cardiomyopathy (ICPM). The left ventricle (LV) remodeling develops in some of the patients with ICMP. The left ventricle (LV) remodeling is a complex of changes of the shape, volume of cavities and weight of myocard of the post infarction heart. The complex operative treatment is a only one way to treat patients in those cases. In 10-35% of cases in long-term postoperative period hemodynamic and anatomic indicators of patients return to preoperative values (postoperative remodeling) and heart failure progressing.

Nowadays researchers are looking for indicators which could predict the result of operative treatment in the preoperative or the intraoperative period. One of the leading roles is given to morphological predictors, but working with those is complicated by the waiting for the results of histological investigation which can take from one day to a few weeks. Therefore it is important to find or develop methods which can speed the process up.

For example, not so long ago it took up to 3 weeks of an assistant’s work to make a microslide, and now a machine makes it in 30 hours. Nevertheless the process of morphometry takes the biggest labour and time expenditures. We took a shot at automatization of this process on the base of the ImageJ. As a result the program was written.

It can handle intraoperative microphotographs of the patients' myocard, with the usage of the ImageJ core as a library. The program is carried out as an independent window for entering extra data or for editing the results received.

Our program is protected by its own algorithm of authorization. After it the list of those patients, who are waiting for the decision on the tactics of operative treatment, is opened. The researcher should investigate a histological image which he gets from biopsic material. When choosing “add” on the menu the patient is connected with analyzable image.

The analysis lets us to find out number and sizes of cardiomyocytes nuclei, parenchyma's and stroma's areas for parenchymal-stromal ratio calculation and some other parameters which play an important role in prediction of operation's result and also treatment choice.

The program is now used for calculation of parenchymal-stromal ratio based on the patent RU2310372. We are planning to use it to predict variants of postoperative course based on the morphometric and also clinical data received.


ischemic cardiomyopathy, myocard, ventricle remodeling, computer morphometry, computer analysis microphotographs

Administrative data

Presenting author: Sergey Gutor
Organisation: Siberian state medical university

co-authors: Nikolay Englevskiy, Boris Shilov, Safonova Alena

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