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Michael Gerhard Kaul: DicomSort´n´Select, an ImageJ plugin, for sorting, selecting of DICOM files and providing a technical data interface for other plugins


DicomSort´n´Select provides a platform to read and interpret the header of DICOM files, to sort, select and extract specific data from large data volumes according to attributes chosen by the user. Image data and technical information from the DICOM header can easily be provided to further ImageJ plugins, realizing an universal tool for DICOM data evaluation with ImageJ or other software. As user interfaces of DICOM viewers commonly do not provide direct access to technical specifications like flip angles or individual echo times this will be of special interest to scientists working with a variety of data sets. Configuration files can steer the complete workflow and can be setup for individual tasks increasing the comfort for the user.


DICOM, selection, import, interface

Administrative data

Presenting author: Michael Gerhard Kaul

Organisation: University Medical Center Hamburg Eppendorf, Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology Department and Clinic

co-authors: Thomas Ernst

Gerhard Adam

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