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Eric Barnhill: MRE-J: A Novel Pipeline For Magnetic Resonance Elastography Image Processing Using ImageJ and Apache Commons-Math


Magnetic Resonance Elastography directly measures tissue stiffness of an image volume in vivo. The four stages of MRE image processing – unwrap, filter, decompose, and invert – are accomplished by widely varying procedures depending on research group. Additionally, related image processing procedures in neighboring fields have not had their potential investigated. A new image processing pipeline was created using ImageJ with matrix support from Apache commons-math. Various choices for each step of the pipeline were implemented to allow for comparison between methods of various groups, as well as to implement potentially applicable techniques from other disciplines. Our own pipeline was selected after testing the available choices. The results allow for high anatomical specificity in the elastogram without interpolation, null filling, or other manipulations and without leaving the resolution of the original pixel matrix. Future developments include the addition of viscoelasticity calculation.


Elastography, MRI, Magnetic Resonance Elastography

Administrative data

Presenting author: Eric Barnhill
Organisation: Clinical Research Imaging Centre, The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland

co-authors: Paul Kennedy

Edwin van Beek

Colin Brown

Neil Roberts

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