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Daniel Senff: Visual programming of ImageJ using ImageFlow


ImageFlow is a plugin that allows the generation and execution of macros in ImageJ based on the visual programming paradigm. Image processing steps are described by connected nodes on a workspace. Specifying image-processing algorithms corresponds to visually editing block diagrams. This abstraction makes it very flexible and easy to save, restore and to change processing workflows afterwards. ImageFlow is a tool, which gives the user a lot of flexibility to create workflows and extend its original functionality by creating new processing nodes to include individual plugins or to encompass more macro-functionality within the nodes. The workflow execution is based on ImageJ’s macro interface and thereby is an alternative and more visual user interface to build macro scripts.

The first half of this workshop we will show the potential of ImageFlow by creating several example workflows and displaying various functions the application has to offer, including new features introduced in the past two years. The second half will be about customizing ImageFlow and will introduce ways to create new processing-nodes, how to make your plugin fit for ImageFlow and how to create dashboards.


ImageJ, Macro generation, Visual programming

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Presenting author: Daniel Senff
Organisation: HTW-Berlin


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