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Boris V. Shilov: Development of morphometric database application using ImageJ as a library in Eclipse environment


A morphologist of a large scientific and research medical center (such as science research institute of cardiology Siberian branch of science academia, Tomsk) works with a large quantity of biological material and is limited in time when making a medical decision. This limitation can be minimized, applying specialized software for analysis, which is focused on automatization of morphological structures on hystological or cytological samples. Particularly we can validate the usage of ImageJ program, but according to our questionnaire researches often lack the skill and time (and sometimes wish) to learn to work with it. Nevertheless morphologists agree on the need for programs which are able to make automated analysis of biomaterial. They also emphasize necessity to save the results of morphometric examination in data bases for secondary use of quantitative and qualitative parameters, for example to make statistical calculations.

In this case it is optimal to minimize developer's effort in creating of highly specialized applications. Particularly, one can use abilities of Visual Editors (GUI builders), and also the power of ImageJ program to develop such an application.

In the programming environment Eclipse the technology of visual programming is realized through pluggable module Visual Editor AWT/Swing.

When using Eclipse to develop the application, we can use abilities of the ImageJ program, not bringing its interface but using it as a pluggable library. Such an approach helps us to project user's interface taking into account requests of the final user without providing ImageJ's extra features and help the user to focus on the solving of a particular problem, lifting the decision up to the level of expertise.

In the workshop we want to simulate the usage of this technology and develop an application based on abilities of visual programming in Eclipse environment. This application will be using ImageJ as a library, processing images automatically from folder, and save the results in data base


eclipse, visual programming, database, morphometry

Administrative data

Presenting author: Boris V. Shilov
Organisation: Siberian State Medical University

co-authors: Sergey S. Gutor, Nicolay A. Englevsky

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