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Automatic Generation of Volumetric Transfer Functions


For high quality 3D volume renderings well chosen transfer functions have be defined. Typically 1D transfer functions are used that assign a color and an alpha value to every intensity value of the volume data. The choice of a transfer function is difficult and often users have to go through a trial and error approach to find “good” visualizations. 2D transfer functions use the gradient of the volume data as additional value to assign colors and alpha values.

In this paper new features of the ImageJ volume viewer plugin will be presented, among others it will be possible to get automatic proposals for 1D or 2D transfer functions that lead to pleasing volume renderings. These transfer functions serve as a starting point but they still can be modified to change the way the volume data is rendered.


volume rendering, transfer function, 3D data

Administrative data

Presenting author: Kai Uwe Barthel
Organisation: HTW Berlin


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