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Y. Fleming: 3D reconstruction of volume sputtered by Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry


Due to its excellent mass resolution (M/M=5000) as well as its lateral resolution of 50 nm, the NanoSIMS is used for performing high-resolution chemical imaging. The NanoSIMS is mainly utilized for biological and medical applications as well as applications in nanotechnology.

However, the 3D resolution, which is currently achieved on this instrument, is much worse than what could be expected with respect to its intrinsic performances. This is due to the fact that the 3D reconstruction does not take account of the roughness on the analysed sample surface. Moreover, this roughness evolves during the sputtering process.

In this context, a plug-in for the public domain software “ImageJ” was developed at the SAM department with the aim to perform a true 3D reconstruction of the SIMS sputtered volume by taking account of those SIMS artefacts. This plug-in enables the creation of overlays comprising SIMS chemical and topographical information obtained by Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM).


3D reconstruction, SIMS, SPM

Administrative data

Presenting author: Y. Fleming
Organisation: Centre de recherche Public – Gabriel Lippmann

co-authors: Tom Wirtz

Type: Poster (portrait)

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