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Helmut Ahammer: IQM - Interactive Quantitative Morphology


IQM is an image processing application written in Java. It combines ImageJ with the Java Advanced Imaging API (JAI). Single images, image sequences or an image stack can be processed in an interchangeable manner. Image processing settings can be easily adapted to a set of images by using an image manager. The final processing of a stack of images can be done without any additional programming steps. The image manager is a central part of IQM’s architecture and allows a rapid comparison between different image processing settings. Parallel processing of image sequences is supported, too. It is possible to load and process large image stacks in a virtual mode without loading the images into memory.

The paper presents IQM's basic functionality, some code samples of interfacing ImageJ plugins and JAI applications. Scientific applications of IQM in the field of medical image processing are given, too.


Quantitative Morphology, ImageJ plugins, Java Advanced Imaging, JAI, Image Manager

Administrative data

Presenting author: Helmut Ahammer
Organisation: Medical University of Graz

Type: Poster(portrait)

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