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3D Image Processing and Analysis


Modern microscopical techniques yields 3D and more generally multi-dimensional images, such as 3D images with LSCM, and even 4D including time, and 5D including numerous channels. Important developments have been done for visualization of such images in ImageJ such as VolumeViewer, Image5D or Image3DViewer, however few plugins focused on the 3D information in the images, most processing are done slice by slice, and few plugins (including 3DObjectcounter) performs 3D measurements. This workshop will emphasize on the 3D tools from visualization, processing and automated measurements of images using freely available plugins for ImageJ.


3D, 4D, 5D, Image processing, Image Analysis, LSCM

Administrative data

Presenting author: Thomas Boudier
Organisation: UPMC

co-authors: Philippe Andrey

Type: Workshop
Duration: 60 min

Hardware and Software Requirements: Computers with 3D graphics card JAVA3D installed for using ImageJ 3D Viewer
Knowledge of participant: Basic knowledge in image processing and analysis

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