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Visual programming of ImageJ using Imageflow


Imageflow is a plugin that offers a node-based graphical user interface for Macro-creation and image editing. It allows to create macros by connecting nodes to form a workflow, which represents the way macro-commands are called by ImageJ. These workflows can be saved and loaded.

A workflow consists of sources, which load or create images. They will be connected to other units to define the order of processing. A workflow requires at least one node to be defined as a display. The result of this unit will be opened after running the workflow.

This workshop will show how Imageflow can be used to solve image processing tasks. It will be explained what are the new features of Imageflow that have been implemented recently and how new modules can be added very easily.


visual programming, macro generation

Administrative data

Presenting author: Kai Uwe Barthel
Organisation: HTW Berlin

co-authors: Daniel Senff

Type: Workshop
Duration: 60 min

Hardware and Software Requirements: standard PCs, ImageJ + the ImageFlow plugin, a xml-editor
Knowledge of participant: ImageJ should be know, participants should have a basic knowledge of image processing algorithms

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