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Intraoperative application of ImageJ for optimization of surgical treatment of the tympanic membrane perforations


In clinic practice estimation of the tympanic membrane perforation size consists in subjective comparison of perforation with tympanic membrane size examining by the naked eye or by using optical devices, for example microscope or endoscope. Knowledge of precise drum perforation size gives to clinician information about process, treatment course and allows using exact shape parameters for reconstruction of the tympanic membrane. The use of laser-spot principle for precise measurement of drum perforations has been described in the article. Special macros for ImageJ for intraoperative application has been created. To create the user interface, we used the plugin ActionBar by Jerome Mutterer ( The new method has been approved in the hospital of the Tomsk Branch of the “Research-clinical Centre of the Otorhinolaryngology” (Russia). 40 patients with drum perforations traumatic or post-inflammatory origin have been examined before and after perforation closure. Application of the developed method shortened the time of tympanomeatal flap shaping and adaptation (on the average for 15±3 minute). In the postoperative period the re-perforation rate diminished to 1,6 (p<0,05) due to optimal contact of the flap with the remnant of the tympanic membrane.


intraoperative application of ImageJ, tympanic membrane perforations, laser-spot measurement

Administrative data

Presenting author: Boris Shilov
Organisation: Siberian State Medical University (Tomsk, Russia) co-authors: Davydov A.V., Englevskiy N.A, Starokha A.V., Litvak M.M., Shilov M.V.,Skirdov A.V.

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