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The Use of ImageJ within an Ecological Modeling Platform


Ecological Models are a valuable tool for analyzing the complex interaction networks of nature. The Eclipse based Rich Client Platform Bio7 was created to assist the creation of such models and offers a variety of useful tools in this connection. One of these tools is a fully embedded plugin for the image analysis software package ImageJ. Among other features, ImageJ provides valuable methods to quantitatively analyze complex spatial and temporal patterns at different scales, and can, therefore, very effectively be used for e.g. quantitative vegetation analysis. Further, the widely applicable algorithms of ImageJ facilitate the development of new methods for and the transfer of relevant methods from other disciplines into ecological models.

In this paper we will present the ecological modeling environment Bio7 with the embedded ImageJ application. We will demonstrate its capabilities to explore complex patterns in nature using results from the verification and application of an ecological simulation model, which was developed for the analysis of spatio-temporal vegetation composition and distribution patterns.


Ecological Modeling, Rich Client Platform, Bio7, ImageJ Plugin, Simulation Model

Administrative data

Presenting author: Marcel Austenfeld
Organisation: Department of Experimental and Systems Ecology, University of Bielefeld (former member)

co-authors: Marcel Austenfeld (eLK.Medien, University of Kiel), Wolfram Beyschlag (Department of Experimental and Systems Ecology)

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