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Custom toolbars and mini applications with Action Bar


The Action Bar ImageJ plugin facilitates creation of additional custom toolbars, using simple macro-like toolbar description file. Participants will learn how to setup a basic action bar, and how to use the latest features of this plugin. Button actions are basically macro programs, so action bars can interact with all standard ImageJ components. Primary use of these custom toolbars is to keep at hand often used commands, plugins and macros, but toolbars sets can be turned into mini applications with minimal effort. With these highly task-oriented applications, end users can focus on just using a simple system with absolutely no prior knowledge of ImageJ. This workshop is aimed at ImageJ users with some previous experience with the macro language.

user-interface toolbars mini-applications


Jérôme Mutterer

CNRS - Institut de Biologie Moléculaire des Plantes


Short Biography
Got a PhD from Strasbourg University in Molecular Virology. In charge of the cellular imaging facility at the French CNRS's Institute for Plant Molecular Biology. Teaching activities include confocal imaging and digital image processing. Scientific activities : co-author of 32 peer reviewed articles in the fields of plant or animal biology and material sciences.

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