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Non-destructive marking with ObjectJ: practical examples

ObjectJ is a plugin for ImageJ that focuses on the organization of image analysis tasks using an integrated approach. Central part of a task is a Project file that dynamically links all related components together: a user-defined palette of non-destructive markers, vector objects across many images, a private Results table, links to images that are involved, qualifiers for creating subsets, and the macros that are in use. At any time, the user has the flexibility to extract different sets of results from existing markers such as intensities or geometrical parameters. The macro language is extended to address non-destructive marking. ObjectJ supports the combination of automatic and interactive methods. This article describes two field examples. The first example relates to marine research, where fish egg diameters have been automatically measured via Hough transform, with subsequent interactive categorization of the marked eggs in a slide show. The second example comes from the field of molecular cell biology, and illustrates how to use composite vector objects to assess various parameters from bacteria shown in multi-channel images.


Norbert O. E. Vischer and Stelian Nastase

University of Amsterdam


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