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Integration of digital camera control and live image acquisition into ImageJ


In the past years, digital live image cameras with high resolutions for use in science especially microscopy replaced traditional analogues video equipment. Since powerful computer hardware is now available, direct integration of camera control and acquisition of uncompressed digital live image streams into the work space of image processing software has become possible. We present a basic concept on how this can be performed for ImageJ by use of the Java Native Interface (JNI) and the ImageJ API. The principle itself is independent from the operating system, but the native library has to be adapted to the special demands of the camera driver and thus also the operating system. A native library (under Windows) for firewire cameras following the industrial standard DCAM 1.31 was developed. Any firewire camera supporting DCAM can be controlled. An ImageJ PlugIn is presented which performs camera control and acquisition of uncompressed image live streams in a true ImageJ Image Window, thus allowing direct operations on it aided by the ImageJ API and also some tools found in the ImageJ tool bar. Moreover, many functions of the PlugIn can also be triggered by passing in corresponding run options. The user may thus automate procedures by a normal ImageJ macro script.

It is intended to give a demonstration of the PlugIn during the presentation.

ImageJ, JNI, firewire cameras, DCAM

Christian Kreutzfeldt

PHASE GmbH, Bluecherstr. 2 , 23564 Luebeck


Short Biography
I graduated as biologist (diploma and subsequently promotion) and became member of the scientific staff at Inst. f. Molekularbiologie und Genetik, Freie Universität Berlin. Later I changed to Inst f. Pharmakologie und Toxikologie at Philipps-Universität Marburg. Since 1988 I am a managing director of PHASE GmbH, a small company dealing with scientific lab equipment including imaging systems.

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