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Advanced shape analysis with ImageJ

The Morphology collection was written to extend the capabilities of ImageJ for 2D particle shape analysis. It currently consists of 106 macros and plugins. The programs can process 4-, 8-connected particles, lines and skeletons and extract a comprehensive range of object shape and pixel intensity descriptors. A number of mathematical morphology operators have been implemented (binary and greyscale reconstruction, hit-or-miss transform, thickening, thinning, conditional dilation and erosion, non-merging dilation, influence zones) as well as programs for object manipulation and visualisation: particle classification, object catalogues, data mapping onto objects, plus several multiple-parameter summaries. Examples exploiting several of these procedures will be shown. The Morphology collection -including Java source code- is freely available for download from

particle analysis, shape, mathematical morphology, ImageJ

Gabriel Landini

The University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK.


Short Biography
Dr Gabriel Landini is a Reader in Oral Pathology and Head of the Oral Pathology Unit at the School of Dentistry, The University of Birmingham, UK.
He received a degree in Dentistry from the Universidad de la Republica, (Montevideo, Uruguay) and a PhD in Oral Pathology from Kagoshima University (Kagoshima, Japan).
His research is focussed on the development of reliable, quantitative, mathematically-based measures of complexity on the spatial domain applied to diagnostic problems in Pathology.
Dr Landini's research background covers both classical Pathology and Medical Digital Imaging, specially applied to the problems of tumour shape, cell complexity, tissue segmentation.

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