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Tools for teaching macros

During image analysis training sessions using ImageJ, participants are always very interested in the macro language, because they quickly understand that it will provide them with a relatively simple way of building a tailored solution to complete their image analysis and processing tasks. When it comes to writing their first macros, however, the barriers of learning the functions names and syntax can be discouraging to some students. In this poster, I will present a set of basic tools that I have put together that allow easy writing of complex macros, including the macro functions finder, based on M. Longair's command finder plugin, a set of action bars proving 'click and paste' macro code snippets for common structures like dialogs, loops or plots, and a remote macro sharing system that allows synchronization of the instructor's current macro editor with the classroom.

macro language training

Jérôme Mutterer

CNRS - Institut de Biologie Moléculaire des Plantes


Short Biography   

Got a PhD from Strasbourg University in Molecular Virology. In charge of the cellular imaging facility at the French CNRS's Institute for Plant Molecular Biology. Teaching activities include confocal imaging and digital image processing. Scientific activities : co-author of 32 peer reviewed articles in the fields of plant or animal biology and material sciences.

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