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Nyx: An ImageJ Plugin for Star Identification

Star gazing can be a rewarding hobby, but a beginner may not have the knowledge necessary to identify features of the night sky.  It can be challenging to successfully identify stars and constellations in the field without star charts to guide the viewer.  This poster presents an ImageJ plug-in designed to identify stars in medium exposure (e.g., ten seconds) pictures of the night sky.  The plugin extracts the brightest star-like features, then creates a relationship among the detected elements.  Using similarly constructed relationships from a star catalog, these bright features are matched with identified stars. The strongest matches can be used to back-propogate data from the catalog into less prominent features of the original image, resulting in a highly detailed record of the contents of the image. This record can be used to reference common names and indicate constellations in the image.

astronomy stargazing stars

Matthew Curry

University of Alabama at Birmingham


Short Biography   
Matthew Curry is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He is a member of the High Performance Computing Laboratory, where he studies general purpose computing with graphics processing units.

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