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Development of a teleradiological expert system



A teleradiological expert system was developed to overcome the need of finding an expert for uncommon cases in radiological diagnosis. Registered users may either ask for support of other registered users or specialists temporarily invited to the system. The users are able to communicate and share their knowledge on our interactive platform. An image-viewing system with the possibility to add marks and comments to the discussed image is included. It is also possible to change window settings to improve contrast and to use a magnifying-glass.

Material & Methods

A PHP/MySQL-Solution for the platform and the ImageJ-Library for the included image viewer was used. The system was based on the free Apache/PHP/MySQL environment XAMPP. The users need a common java-capable browser to work with the system. The system uses encrypted data transfer via https-protocol.

To start a new case, the user uploads all needed information, images and additional files he wants to share. In the next step the user selects the experts, he wants to have a look at his case. As soon as the case is stored at the system, it is enabled for viewing for the invited experts. The temporarily invited user receives an email with his account information. His only privileges with the system are to take a look at the case. There is the option to mark and comment areas in the image, which are visible by all partners. The registered users in addition may complete a profile, especially their areas of expertise, create their own cases and get an overview over all cases they are invited to review and to give their opinion.

The user is responsible of preserving data security (using anonymous data or data with pseudonyms) for all uploaded patient-relevant information.


The system facilitates getting help from other experts in a very simple way. One advantage of the system is the possibility to build a network of experts from practically all over the world. As long as a certain case is stored every invited user may log on to the system whenever he likes to review his cases. It is comfortable for reviewing users because they are flexible and comfortable for the radiologist who wants a second opinion because all he has to do is to create a new case and to select the experts from the list with the appropriate abilities.


A system for teleconsulting was created using open software, which is able to completely fulfill the requirements for the specified task. The image viewing function included from the ImageJ library proved to be adequate.

teleradiology, teleconsulting

Ulf Mäder, Jan Ciesla, Julian Stücker and Sebastian Walisko

Institut für Medizinische Physik und Strahlenschutz, FH Giessen


Short Biography
Diploma in medical informatics at the University of Applied Sciences Giessen-Friedberg

Focus on medical imaging, image processing

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