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TomoJ : new tools for electron Tomography.

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Integrative Imaging Laboratory, Institut Curie-INSERM U759.

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TomoJ : new tools for electron Tomography.

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No pre-requisite, but more suitable for cell biologists.

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He graduated in cellular biology and genetics in 2001. Then he shifted to obtain his master in computer sciences applied to biology in 2003. During his formation, he gets interested in image processing and started his PhD working on transmission electron tomography at the Curie Institute, Paris, France . There he started the development of a plug-in for ImageJ to perform 3D reconstructions from electron tomographic data sets. In 2005 he joined the Integrative Imagaging Laboratory at the Institut Curie - INSERM U759 where he follows the development of software for electron tomography, that he applies to the study of the 3D structure of centriols in centrosomes and basal bodies.


Authors : C. Messaoudi, S. Marco and T. Boudier
Cellular electron tomography allows the computation of three-dimensional reconstructions of objects from a serie of projections recorded at various tilt angles.
This technique has highly contributed to the understanding of the structures of organelles and other sub-cellular components.
To compensate the fact than it is not possible to record projection at all tilt angles contrary to CAT-SCAN, some alternatives schemes for acquisition have been developed such as dual-axis tomography or the recently developed multiple-axis tomography in our lab. This new technique that is based on the recording of tilted series at multiple rotation in the plane will be presented as well as TomoJ a ImageJ plugin that allows the alignment of tilt series, the reconstructions of volume from the aligned tilt series and the merging of th volumes obtained at the different rotations. In addition, new techniques such as energy filter transmission electron tomography (EFTET) presently emerging opening the way to the 3D localization of chemical elements on samples will be presented.

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