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Non-destructive marking and integrated image analysis using ObjectJ

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University of Amsterdam

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Full / Half Time Slot: Half Time Slot (25 min)

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Norbert Vischer

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Non-destructive marking and integrated image analysis using ObjectJ

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for all visitors

Biography of Speaker

N. Vischer is responsible for image processing in the Centre of Advanced Microscopy at the University of Amsterdam and gives student courses about this subject. He has developed the program Object-Image in the 1990s.


Non-destructive marking and integrated image analysis using ObjectJ

ObjectJ is a plugin for ImageJ that has two main functions. Firstly, it supports graphical vector objects which non-destructively mark images on a transparent layer. Vector objects can display points or paths with sub-pixel resolution. They can be placed manually or by macro commands. The second function of ObjectJ focuses on the clear organization of measurement tasks. A so-called object file holds all relevant information of an image analysis task. It contains all marker positions, links to all marked images, macros which are involved and, finally, a table containing quantitative results, statistics and qualifiers. Corresponding objects and results are bidirectionally linked. ObjectJ can directly build graphics such as histograms from the most recent results. For a typical measurement task, only a single object file plus the original images are needed, which strongly reduces file clutter. ObjectJ inherits most the functionality of its predecessor Object-Image, which has been in use for many years.

This presentation focuses on the experience of ObjectJ from the users point of view. There is also a poster session which focuses on programming aspects and Java techniques.

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