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Working with medical DICOM Images using ImageJ


Centre de Recherche Public Henri Tudor - Santec

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Full / Half Time Slot: Half Time Slot (90 min)

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Johannes Hermen

Workshop Title

Working with medical DICOM Images using ImageJ


Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) is a comprehensive set of standards for handling, storing and transmitting information in medical imaging. It includes a file format definition and a network communications protocol [wikipedia].

Our Team developed an ImageJ plugin that is capable of sending and receiving DICOM images to or from PACS or medical devices and further enhances the DICOM capabilities of ImageJ.
This tutorial is structured into two parts. First we will show how to set up ImageJ as a DICOM node in order to send and retrieve Images. We will work with the DICOM header information that is stored in the images and do some image operations on the received images with ImageJ.
In the second part of the tutorial, we will automate the treatment of received images, including opening, manipulating, and sending the images based on the data in the DICOM header.

Biography of Speaker

Johannes Hermen studied applied computer sciences at the Fachhochschule Trier (Germany). He graduated in July 2005 with a diploma thesis about the “Design and Implementation of a Software Base for Medical Practices using Enterprise JavaBeans”. He currently  works for the Public Research Centre Henri Tudor - SANTEC in Luxembourg, as a research engineer since he finished his studies. His main interests are design and implementation of medical image processing applications, especially DICOM aware network applications.

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